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Lisa Cagliostro

CEO/ Professional Hairstylist

Lisa Cagliostro has been in the beauty industry for almost 30 years. She has always worked in the Los Gatos (Bay) Area. She proclaims that after all this time she still has a love for working with clients, old and new. Lisa loves creating new looks. Through her education with Vidal Sassoon, she learned to work and create looks based off face shape, hair texture and density. It’s all about balancing and enhancing facial features. Lisa believes in a haircut that no matter if you take time to style or not, it always flows and promotes the shape. When coloring hair, Lisa believes color should enhance and compliment skin tone. She gets inspiration from children’s hair. Children’s hair never has one color, even the darkest shade of brunettes still have golden-warm hues throughout it. Lisa also has a passion for make-up. Clients are always educated on how to enhance or compliment facial features. If you are taught well, people will not notice your make-up, but they will notice your natural beauty. “It’s all about effortless beauty, like you woke up looking that way, not spending hours trying to achieve it.”
Lisa is proud of her work with clients after surgeries or medical issues. She has many clients referred by doctors because she specializes in Sono Belleza’s custom wigs and/or extensions. It use to be that when you reached a certain age, you cut your hair short. Long and luscious hair is a sign of youth. Lisa uses extensions to restore youth and/or add fullness where ever you need it.